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About Me

Hey! I am an overly obsessed dog mum, small business owner, part time mermaid and full time princess. I enjoy nothing more than believing in magical things and that is a big reason that I dress up in costumes or put on a tail to swim. 

I have two incredibly beautiful dogs, Koda & Kimba, who can drive me bonkers but I wouldnt have it any other way. Since bringing them into my life my entire lifestyle changed. I pick up a camera way more frequently, we are always going on some kind of adventure through a forest or down the beach and when I travel, they pretty much always come with.

The quickest way to my heart is with Bundaberg Rum and some board games! I absolutely love the time I get to spend chilling with friends around a bonfire or a coffee table with monopoly.

I am on a journey to find love for myself again. To fall in love with everything I am and work towards being everything I want to be. 

Ive never been very good at the "About Me" section so hopefully this suffices! 

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