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2019 is going to be my year, and every year after that will be too! No more putting my dreams on the sidelines, no more wishing and waiting for a fairy godmother to come and rescue me from my life. No more sighs followed by "Back to Reality" because finally reality is going to be worth living. My dreams and goals are my reality. Of course there are going to be bad days that totally suck! Good luck getting through 365 days without a single bad mood, a single misfortune, a single utterly crappy day. But those shitty things that happen to us doesn't mean that 2019 as a year sucks! I so often see people saying "Good riddens year X bring on the next" or "Cant wait to be done with X" etc. The reality is that just because a digit changes on the calendar it doesnt automatically make the next year better but what does make the next year better is your choices and your mindset and if you need a calendar change to help with that then the new year is the perfect opportunity. This year is going to be MY YEAR. We all see people saying that this year was or wasn't their year and I never really understood what that meant. To me 'my year' means that 2019 is going to be my year to choose myself. I will wake up in the morning and decide on the fly if I want to put on a bra or not. I will go to the beach with or without friends, wriggle into my tail and swim regardless of what anyone thinks. I will choose to go out dancing for the hell of it or choose that I don't want to meet up with friends because all I've been wanting for a week is a bubble bath and I am going to treat myself to it. I am going to prioritize my dogs over and over again because they make me happy. My year doesnt mean that all these glorious grand plans are going to come into play at once. My year means that I am finally going to sort through my wardrobe. I am finally going to learn to photoshop better. I am finally going to start streaming. I am going to dive into the deep end, I am going to do all the things I've ever dreamed of, or at least take steps towards getting what I want. 2019 is truly going to be a year of self love and growth for me.

My first self-portrait for the year. By taking more images of myself (not just selfies) I hope to find love for myself again and explore new creative opportunities

My goals for 2019 - Kimba and I will surf successfully together - Complete 52 weeks photography challenge - Koda & Kimba learn 5 new tricks each

- Be generally better organised - Move into my own house - Find 2 new stockists for Koda's Korner products - Get back into dance lessons - Start up my Youtube - Blog / Journal - Eat a salad - Travel somewhere - Take self portraits - Be comfortable taking self portraits

- Stop hoarding old things!

I would love to know what your goals for 2019 might be and how you are going to make 2019 your best year yet.

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