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Project 52: Week 6 - Composite

This weeks theme is 'Composite' which honestly couldn't have come at a better time. I had a photoshoot booked in where I knew I was likely going to be doing a composite image and I had never done a composite before and knew it was about time to do so! These adorable little puppies are just 5 weeks old and full of character! I loved being able to cuddle them and more importantly photograph them.

This final image is made up of 3 different images. For this shoot we wanted to capture at least one family photo but unfortunately could not get it in the camera at once. The puppies were all incredibly co-operative and sat pretty happily on the chair for their own photos. Mum (Ivy, next to the chair) didn't want to sit still and kept wanting to stand in front of the puppies. We managed to capture a few photos with her next to the chair which created this adorable dynamic where her pups were looking at her adoringly. I couldn't get over the cute pup reaching over the side of the chair to get to mum! Dad (Remy, lying in front) is not the most comfortable dog around the puppies. He is an absolute poser for the camera so that was no issue, it was just that he prefers not to be with the pups so he was added into the photo separately. The third photo is actually for the puppy on the end. In this particular photo set with mum, the cutie on the right kept looking over the shoulder in the opposite direction. This was the image that was facing mum the most.

Koda's Korner Photo
Original Photo

This image is the original that I was working with. I will probably revisit the composite at some point and see what else I can put together. I chose this image because being my first composite, the workload was a little daunting and I wasn't sure how well I would be able to place the dogs. I would like to attempt adding both parents into some of the images that originally had just the puppies.


This is a blog circle and its time to see how the next pet photographer interpreted this weeks theme!

Danyel Rogers photographing the bond between human and their dogs. Serving the Portland Metro area.

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