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Project 52: Week 3 - About the Photographer

Its well past week 3 and I am still playing catch up! D:

My Job

Snuggles with Kimba. Tales of Deltora - My favourite book of all time

Firstly, I make pet products. Anything from bandanas and leads to harnesses and dog beds! I think I have always had creative energy flowing through me and creating products for my own dogs was a really good outlet that turned into a full blown passion. I also have always wanted to work around cameras and started photographing events and people at the age of 15 but once my two beautiful fur-kids came into my life they altered my route and set me straight on the path of pet photography. I have never looked back.

My Why

Koda. My beautiful border collie is my biggest why. I had a desk job that I absolutely hated for so long and one day I was faced with some pretty horrible news. Koda was dying right in front of my eyes and there was nothing I could do but soak up the time I had with her. She fell ill, at first we didn't notice she was sick until the weight loss was apparent. Off to the vet and a course of antibiotics should have done the trick... 6 months later we were still visiting the vet on an incredibly regular basis, diet changes, medications and all but 2 blood tests had been run with absolutely no results that could bring us any relief. She went from a 20kg dog to 11kg, she wasnt herself and you could see she was struggling to move but she wouldn't give up. We were preparing to do exploratory surgery and I was prepared to say goodbye to her before her third birthday. Luckily for us we had an incredible veterinarian that wouldn't rest until he found out what was wrong and she was finally diagnosed with E.P.I

At this stage I realised that life was so short and the things we have are so easily taken for granted, nothing is promised and we should be living our best lives every single day. I quit my job to soak up all the time I had with this beautiful girl. Right now she is only 13kg but she will be 4 years old soon. She is the reason for everything that I do, she inspires me, she makes me tough, she fills my soul with so much joy. Some of my biggest life lessons have been because of her and my life would be on a completely different trajectory without her.

My Life

Road Trips & Mermaids pretty much sums it up! I am always up to explore especially if it is somewhere I can take the girls. My two dogs pretty much never leave my side and we are always hiking or road tripping somewhere.

My other pup, Kimba (nearly 2), was born deaf and she taught me a lot about being fearless and going after the things you want and that there is nothing that this world can throw at you that will stand in your way. It is all about how you approach the situation. Kimba is an off-lead adventurer and even comes surfing with me. People never believe me when they find out she is deaf because of how well she receives commands and they are usually pretty mindblown that she spends 90% of the time without a leash. She certainly taught me a lot about patience and discipline because it was a lot of training early on to be able to give her the most 'normal' life.

The time I am not spending with my dogs I am usually mermaiding! Mermaiding has been such a freeing experience and really empowering. I have made life long friendships with people from all over the world and been given opportunities to travel because of it. I have even started to explore the world of modelling with my new found confidence thanks to this awesome hobby!

When i'm not feeling super adventurous or playing sports I am usually video gaming with my better half.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read and hopefully get to know me a little more!


What inspires you?

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