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Project 52: Week 2 - "Before & After"

While I enjoy keeping my edits more "Natural" and focus on enhancing features and removing distractions, every now and again I really love to play around with colours.

The images I took for this weeks Before and After work is actually of one of my dog sitting clients. This was not meant to be a photoshoot but I was able to really capture some special moments of Honey exploring her surroundings and playing in the sand while we were out exploring for the day.

Sometimes altering the colour of an image completely can really change the vibe of an image. Nothing about this image was really grabbing my attention and I skipped over it many times because the sunlight is washing Honeys fur out, the colours are bland and boring and I can't figure out how to describe the background other than saying that something was just missing.

The drastic colour change in this image really gives it the oomph it was missing. Suddenly the washed out fur seems purposeful, Honey stands out against her background better and it really floods you with the feeling of a warm summers evening.

I have probably been looking at these images too long but I am certainly loving this photo more than any others in the set. This sort of orange wash can make for really beautiful wall art especially in the summer time! Below are some more examples of my total reworks that bring so much more life to the images. Don't forget if you want to book me for a session visit our facebook page >Here<


What are your thoughts on our Before and Afters? Do you prefer the warm tones or cool tones in your images?

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