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52 Weeks of Photoshop - Week 5: Pen Tool

The pen tool was the perfect opportunity for me to work on digital pet portraits! I've been meaning to do this for quite a while and finally got around to it.

The pen tool takes a lot of patience but allows for much more accurate selection. I usually just use the quick select tool to be able to move my subjects onto different backgrounds and then have to do a few touch ups afterwards.

The pen tool is a little tricky to get used to as you need to be able to manipulate the lines to bend as required. Do this by dragging as you click the next node. There is no simple way of telling you exactly what to do and the pen tool is something that really just takes practice to master. When dragging the tool to allow for a curve the two lines will jut out either side like in the below example, you can shorten or lengthen these to adjust the severity of the curve and rotate to change the angle of the curve. When you click your next node it may alter the previous one slightly so you have to go back and readjust.

My new digital pet portraits will be available to purchase shortly.


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