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52 Weeks of Photoshop: Week 4 - Liquify

Week 4 is all about learning the art of the liquify filter... This was a particularly simple challenge that requires more of a creative mind rather than a tutorial. There are so many different ways to use liquify though and I ended up taking a bit of a comedic route. As many will know Adelaide reached a record breaking heat just the other day and we couldn't leave the house. I ended up doing a mini photoshoot with my dogs in the bedroom with the fan cranking! When I realised that liquify could be used for more than just a moosh of colours and wavy lines, I couldn't resist but to make Kimba 'melt' which is basically what we did this day.

When using liquify the surroundings of the brush are also liquified. What I did was painted everything I wanted to be melted downwards then added a layer mask and painted the parts I didnt want to look melted with black. This meant that the bedding remained in tact for the final image and I could correct any areas I was not happy with.

This tool is super simple to use and can be incredibly fun. You can use the tool to make really cartoon like characters from regular subjects, turn a dogs teeth to fangs, or you can use liquify to do corrections on subjects while they still look natural! I highly recommend watching this video to see a few different ways this can be used in different scenarios including on people:

This week I was super relaxed with what I did and didn't spend much time on it and is why there isn't much to write. The result is a little messy but it was fun. I definitely recommend just playing around with this feature and exploring the possibilities. ~Lilakian~

Let me know your thoughts! How would you use liquify?

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